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Can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantage of software upgrade of Siemens dcs sppat1000? our existing software version for

SOFTOM-- 1.4
GUESS-- 2.1
Dear Sirs..

We are using siemens dcs sppa-t1000 for our powerplant. Now our vendor has issued a letter insisting to upgrade the dcs software version for softom, guess and controller and that costs 50 to 60lacs. The vendor has declared to stop the technical support on this product unless the software is upgraded. We are confused. Users of sppat1000 do all face the same problem?? Or u got the advantages of software upgrade. please reply. its anxiously awaited.

Bob Peterson

I don't have any specific knowledge of this software or what versions are considered current, but EVERY software package has this problem eventually. The hardware and O/S that it runs on, and the actual minimal requirements such as security features that are required change so much over time that eventually you will have to upgrade or they just cannot support you.


david mertens

SPPA T1000 is not a Siemens product but rather a product of Siemens Energy India, it is not available anywhere else and they do not provide any documentation outside the customer base. This means it is virtually impossible for anyone to help you as only Siemens Energy India will have any knowledge about the system.

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