Siemens Digital input

We have the following DI card from siemens(6DLL1131-6BL00-OPH1) and we are planning on using this as a 1 wire connection. My question is, will the limit signal from a Alfa lavall think top head ( V50) operate in this configuration:

24V +0v from an external power supply to pins 1&2 of the thinktop head
and the limit signal on pin 5 to say DI.0+ on the input card?



On page 15 on the Top thinktop head is written " wiroing diagram" and 24+ VDC -GND is wired as M12 Pin 1 & 3
For I/O signal ( one wire signal) it is from M12 pin 4 the Siemens DI module interface. " one wire " scheme...
Thanks for the replies. I agree that as long as we provide the +24v and oV and pick off a signal then this should input into the card with no issues.

Thanks again