Siemens FM452 Camm controller


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Fagnoli Cristiano

I'm using a SIEMENS camm controller FM452 on S7 412 PLC. The camm controller read the position of a rotating movement trough an encoder and then activate electronic camm at programmed position.
Some of the camm use "lead time" setting to obtain dynamic activation at different rotating speed to drive solenoid valve.
The encoder used is an SSI absolute 13 bit single-turn SIEMENS encoder.
The position read must be switched trough two different ratios for two different application.
From 1/1 to 1/2 (shaft rotation/encoder turn).
The mechanical ration doesn't change; this is obtained trough software even the encoder is single-turn.
In the FM452 setting, i tell the encoder SSI telegram is "13 bit" for ratio 1/1; "13 bit right aligned" for ratio 1/2.

All is running, but in the "13 bit right aligned" setting the dynamic activation of the camm is not active !!

Anybody knows if this setting avoid using the dinamic camm activation function, or if i must set something strange in the PARAMETER DB for the FM452.

Thanks in advance