Siemens G120 Drive

Hi with regards to the following drive Siemens g120(7.5kw) with control(start/stop, speed control) and feedback(running) through profinet would it be best to wire an emergency stop into the contactor upstream of the drive or does this drive have a specific remote em stop input that can be used ?

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This drive have a specific remote em stop input that can be used (have asearch on PM330 as per OEM manual description!

But you need to study the safety level on your system

Having a remote Emergency stop is always a good thing to have !

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As long as the emergency stop device you use has a "Maintained" action" and not a "Momentary" action, i.e., can remain in the open or closed position, it can be easily fitted to the G120.
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Thanks for this the original manual I was looking at had 98 pages and didn’t mention em stop. I am now looking at the pm330 manual and can see that we can use terminal 5 for a category 0. Just to be clear for this to operate would we would need to supply a voltage( say a permissive coming through the contact of a safety relay) to terminal 5 and terminal a ground to terminal 2.

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In G120 manual I can see informations on I/o CARD for emergency stop ...Wiring and bit datas ..)
It si sshown in page 533 in acccordance with page 338

I cannot support more than that...plz check the right manual or share the one that you mentionned..
Sorry The manual I found was the first hit by searching Siemens PM330 it is 74 pages and around 2MB. It is too big to share. Can you post the name/description of the manual you have that goes up to over 500 pages


I got the solution for you on this case!

Have a good and carefull read on that video :

All is well explained on this video..

So you will have to configure the DI as OFF ( for emergency shutdown/stop) and as I told you you will use an inverted input signal for getting a NC contact...

Iam sure that can englight you the points with the manual i shared ...

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