Siemens MPI to Ethernet interface


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Luca Gallina

I'd like to purchase an Ethernet to MPI interface, my requirements:

1. MPI communication rate comparable to CP5611/CP5512.

2. suitable for MPI and Profibus-DP profiles, working both with passive and active nodes (external power supply capability).

3. drivers for Step-7 programming software family (including WinCC, Protool, etc).

4. DLLs or libraries for interfacing custom-developed applications under Windows and possibly Linux.

The IBH Link S7++ looks like a good product, so here come my questions:

a) has anybody already tested the Link S7++ device and is willing to share his impressions?

b) can anybody suggest a comparable if not better product? Please point products that you have actually tested "on field".

While money is obviously a matter, I'm more interested in performances rather than small price differences.

Thank you
Luca Gallina