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Shahid Waqas Chaudhry

Dear All,

I have installed the two SIMATIC NET packages from SIEMENS.
1) OLE/DDE Server (S7 Comm)
2) OPC Server (S7 Comm)
The problem with the software is that I can export the DDE Link in Win Application (eg Excel) but I can not insert the OLE control. It is not registered in the central registry. How can I register it? Secondly, I have Intellution as a front end for my PLC (SIEMENS S7-314). I want to communicate using DDE in Intellution iFix but so far I can not figure out the DDE format that would work in iFix.

Another problem is that I can not connect to SIEMENS OPC Server. If there is some helpful internet resource for OPC, could it be pointed out.


Shahid Waqas Chaudhry
<[email protected]>
Goto the OPC Foundation web site. It contains white papers on OPC functions, historical data etc..
If you would like some help with OPC coding (in VB for example) just email me.

Paul Rucci
[email protected]