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Robb Wetenkamp

I am getting an error after downloading from Comtext to an OP15.
I can download to the OP15, Comtext reads "Transfer Complete", The OP shows continuous progress, does a cold reboot after the transfer is complete. But after I unplug the comm cable the same error message keeps popping up ($006 Transfer Fail-No : 0 Sts: 8) on the OP.

This is a new OP15, and the message was not on the display prior to my first attempt to download to the OP. I have tried to download to several different OP's that our local vendor had sitting around always with the same result.

I am using an old Siemens PG and a 6ES5734-2BF00 cable and the program appears to be transferring on both the PC/PG and the OP.

Any ideas?
It's been a few years since I have used an OP15 (they're quite old by now). However, I can recall having problems with the OP not liking something in the file even though Comtext didn't complain about it. On a few occasions I had to retype the entire OP program to make the OP accept it. Before doing that however, I would suggest creating and downloading a small and simple OP program to see if the error is with the particular file or not.

The other thing to check is whether the OP program is for the same model of OP15. There were different models with different keyboard configurations.

I can't recall the errors that I got in this situation, but the error messages that came up no the display (and the explanations in the manuals) generally only made sense after you had solved the problem.

Robb Wetenkamp

Just noticed something else. When it tries to restart, after the file transfer is complete, the message "$657 PC Protocol Not Possible" is displayed.

This OP is an OP15A2, where the original was a OP15A1. Could it be possible that the A2 does not support the AS511 interface?
According to the information that I have, the difference (or at least one of the differences) between the OP15A1 and the OP15A2 is:

OP15A1 - IF 2B is Rsx
OP15A2 - IF 2B is MPI

I think they mean by that IF 2B is TTY (AS 511) in the A1 model, and MPI (or L2-DP) in the A2 model. The documentation on model differences is typical Siemens, which means you need to already know it before it makes any sense. IF 2B is the D-shell connector that is furthest from the power connector. The OP might complain about the protocol even if you aren't using that connector. You might be able to fix it by editing the OP configuration.

All the models that I used were the OP15/C (larger display) with AS 511.

curt wuollet

That's strange, if I ever thought a $657 PC protocol was possible it would be from Siemens.

Sorry, couldn't resist.