Siemens OP5 - LCD Problem

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Shamsul Kamar Mohamed Jan

Dear Listers,
LCD backlight of my Siemens OP5 has gone off. I have contacted the local Siemens rep. and they recommend me to change the whole unit! I openned the OP5 unit and there are 2 pcbs - the main processor card and the display card. The display card is not actually from Siemens but from Hyundai, Korea. Any idea where I could purchase replacement card for the LCD. Thanks in
advance for your reply.

Shamsul Kamar
FDP Meru

Leon Winitsky

we Have had the same problem with a variety of touch screens. Backlights are typically rated from 10000 to 25000 hours, so if the screen stays on all the time the life of the screen is less than 2 years. What we found is that most newer screens (backlit LCD's) now have retractable backlights. We found a distributor that supplies backlights from JKL micro lume
GOOD Luck!

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