Siemens OPC Server (Simatic Net) to communicate to PLCs S5 via H1


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Adrian Schneider


Does anyone know how to setup the Siemens OPC Server incluided in Simatic Net package to get a communication to PLCs S5 using Industrial Ethernet (H1 protocol)?.

I already know that we can use other OPC brands (e.g. Matrikon, Applicom, etc) but our customer wants to use Siemens OPC Server due to it was already bought and used to communicate to other S7 PLCs (in other words, my customer doesn't want to buy anything else).

We have tried to configure or (at least) read/find something about creating some H1 link to S5 PLCs in Simatic Net (OPC) but it seems that it isn't supported easily.

My customer uses CP-143 and CP-1430 in 9-10 S5 PLCs. Does anyone have any idea to get it without replacing the CP cards and H1 protocol?.

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Ronald Nijssen

The CP1613 and it's driver S7-1613 support the S5 Send/Receive protocol. The SIMATIC NET OPC Server will also work with these protocols

The S5-PLC side will need a CP143 or CP1430

Please contact the Siemens support web-site for more details

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Ronald Nijssen


Hassan Tariq

Did you find any solution or help document regarding the problem.If yes please share it with me i am also in the same situation and wants to configure Simatic net for Sinec H1 protocol.

Adrian Schneider

Sorry if I left this topic incomplete, on Siemens support website (https://support.automation.siemens....s&aktprim=100&content=support/newSR/index.asp) you can find the following documents to carry out what you want:

a) How do you configure S5-compatible communication to the SIMATIC S5 via Industrial Ethernet for the SIMATIC NET OPC server with the SIMATIC NET PC software?

b) How do you configure S5-compatible communication to the SIMATIC S5 for a user application via Industrial Ethernet with the SIMATIC NET PC software?

but you must buy/use SOFTNET-S7 for Industrial Ethernet version (6GK1704-1CW71-3AA0) to get it.

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