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I intend to program an OPC client to communicate with a S7 PLC and I would like to know which software should I have to use as the OPC server.

Zan Von Flue

At work we have iFix from Intellution and the SL4 Driver. This is very easy to setup, but is very limited. The Siemens softnet is better. It
works with every format in the S5/S7 but complicated. I don't have experience with the other OPC servers.
I have been looking for the same thing and have found the following:

- KEPware KEPServerEx works as a good OPC server. It has s7-200 PC/PPI drivers, something that is tough to find with other OPC servers. I
have written a Perl-based OPC client and connected to the server *fairly" easily. $795 US

- Citect has an OPC server that looks pretty good. It has an HMI/SCADA graphics functionality - it's $1500 CDN which looks pretty appealing.

- Siemens Computing package has an OPC server for the S7. Haven't been able to find a price for it yet though ....

- Lookout (from NI) doesn't seem to support the PC/PPI interface. In the demo, it only has MPI drivers for the s7 300 and 400. No 200
drivers that I can find..........

Good luck!!!
There are several possibilities:
- Siemens USA has a softplc based OPC server
- The Simatic Net group has an OPC server
- Win CC has a build in OPC server
- Matrikon has a commercial OPC server

Plenty of choice :)
I am having the same problem! I know that Siemens has an OPC server available, but it's expensive. I am trying to find a freeware version of an OPC server for the S7 series. If you find one, please let me know :([email protected])
Well you could connect to the S7 PLC using the OPC either on the Profibus or on the Ethernet(TCP/IP). For this you should have required hardware on the PLC and the PC(computer) side. As for the software requirement you will need the
SIMATIC NET CD from siemens with has the OPC server package along with the drivers for the hardware used in the PC. The OPC server package is free of cost but the drivers have a cost. For your information you could use the following

PLCside(300/400) PCside

Profibus Integrated Port CP5611,
CP 342-5,CP443-5 ext CP5613

TCP/IP CP 343-1,CP 443-1 NIC,CP1613,
(New cards)
CP 1612 etc.

The associated drivers on the PC side need authorisation. The simatic Net CD contains OPC server package and driver software.

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

The Siemens OPC server requires you export the Ethernet hardware configuration from your S7 hardware setup, and then import it into the
COMLS7 OPC setup, appropriate the correct interface to the access name in the online interface utility, and hey presto... up and running, takes about 10 minutes guaranteed. The S5 OPC server is a bit more difficult, it takes
about 15 minutes as it cannot import the hardware configuration from the S5 programming package as there isn't one!!!! you have to enter at least two
tsaps and one ethernet address, 15 minutes guaranteed, I challenge anyone who wants to visit my office in South Africa to come and see.

I suspect your problem is to set up the OPC client side, there are a few syntax related rules, usually should be covered in your SCADA docs, I work almost exclusively with InTouch these days, and they are certainly adequately covered in these docs, but in fact with appropriate use of the InTouch OPC browser, there shouldn't even be a need to refer to the docs as
it does all the syntax bits for you, at least well enough to make a working example. The OPC path is usually a bit tricky to set up, if you use the Siemens OPC browser to browse the server space, the path will be shown to you in the browser, you can cut and paste it into the client setup.

OPC server is EASY to set up, and the speed and ease of use and standard approach from vendor to vendor, are what MAKES OPC the driver of choice for me.

Donald Pittendrigh

Softnet OPC server has bugs when working with the S7-200. I was told on the Siemens forum that they know about these problems and the S7-200 is not
supported by Softnet. They reccomended the S7200 OPC server.

I now have that, but configuration is strange, and it only appears to support one PLC address!

Kepware PPI server is, as ever, excellent. Unfortunately it is limited to 19,200 baud, i.e. cannot use e.g. a 5611 to run at 187K (probably because of Siemens license problems).

One cannot seriously consider a WinCC runtime licence unless you need that particular SCADA package.

Frankly, Siemens and OPC is a disaster!

Donald Pittendrigh

> Frankly, Siemens and OPC is a disaster!<

Hi All

Frankly, I find this statement objectionable, you have some problems with an OPC server talking to S7200 but you have been told it doesn't work, I don't understand your other problem, the one about only one PLC address, I have never done this knid of work with an S7200, however, just as frankly, I have set up several Simens OPC servers to S7 300 & 400 and it is an unmitigated success, fast, easy to set up and communicates quite easily with other non-Siemens packages as well.

Your definition of disaster please?

Donald Pittendrigh

Håkan Gustafsson

Hi Donald!
I'm actually going to South Africa next week to setup a OPC Server using a Simens S5. I have never done this before and I would realy like
to get in touch with you!

Håkan Gustafsson
Integrated Software Solutions has an OPC server and DDE server for the Siemens S7200 family. It is less expensive than the KepWare version.