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Stephen Acke

I've tried to install the PCLINK2A NIA ethernetcard in my PC to set up a connection with a Siemens CP143 communication processor. The only problem is that my PC doesn't recognize this old card. IRQ settings and memory adresses have been set correctly. The driver of this card is integrated in CIMWAY, a dde server under PCVUE2. Operating system = Win95. When I try the netbios command under DOS : PCLINK2A NIA not responding!!! I'm out of ideas. Any tips ?? Anybody experience with this card under Win95? How can I determine the ethernetadress of this card and how is it set ? Would it help to reïnstall PCVUE ? Are there cheap plug&play ethernetcards supported by CIMWAY which work with the SINEC H1 protocol ? Help !!!!!!!

Alain Bauchart - Arc Informatique

For Such question you should contact directly our technical support. E mail [email protected].
Anyway, to handle Sinec H1 with our Scada PCVUE32 the only way is to use an Applicom board. With the previous version PCVUE2 there was a way using a Siemens board. Technical support should be able to give you some documentation about its configuration.

A Bauchart
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