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I want to learn Siemens Step 7 . where Can i find application examples where it tells that How to make FB, FC, DB with live examples so that we can understand easily with plant conditions. How to make Integrator from 4-20 ma signal.

Patrick Beckett

> Siemens offers many classes that you could attend.

I concur with Bob.

Siemens Step 7 has a steep learning curve and it is very easy to make a design mistake if you don't understand the deeper instruction set and programming methodology that the Step 7 languages give you.

It is both a powerful and an inflexible language and very easy to place a variable in the wrong class in a Function Block and have very undesirable, even dangerous results.

I have learned many PLC languages the Hard Way (RTFM and Trial&Error) and Siemens was the hardest even after previous exposure to proper IEC1131-3 coding with a different vendor.

The Siemens courses may seem expensive, but they will save you re-work time in the future. It is an investment.

Good Luck.
> Siemens offers many classes that you could attend.

I am living at a far away place & nobody is going to give me leave for 10 days during project execution. We are installing S7-400 with Step 7. I am unfamiliar with the concept of DB, FB, FC can you provide some live examples so that the concept is clearer to all of us. Where to make DB, FC & FB etc.

It will be of immense help, please

Wiwi Hartono

Within Step 7 Manager, there are documentations that explain how to program the S7 PLC. The documentations also explain about the library blocks.

These documentations are installed when Step 7 manager is installed.

Hope this help.