Siemens PLC Step7 SFC20 & FC10 with Programming error, need help!

dear friends.

I need some help.

I'm trying to do a Step7 programming by simatic Manager v5.6 using STL language
where I need to read a 14-character string from the HMI (a Personal Identification Card)
where in PLC I need to index this string with a PLC database which contains user name, document number and personal identification card number.
every time the user enters his/her identification card data at the HMI, the DB will be searched for this number and other information.
I already made the screen on the HMI to read the card and a tag in a PLC DB
I've also done a DB and a UDT with the user's database.
see model.

I did an FC with Loop and ARI to look for the information in the DB400 (100 Array)
but when I'm going to compare the String Read of the IDCard with the one recorded in the DB400 there is a Syntax error, the same occurs with the SFC20.

Where am I going wrong?

See the Attach files please!

I really appreciate your help.



I made a correction in the FC400 program block, using a loop but I still can't do what I want in FC10 and SFC20.

See the new Attach files please!

I really appreciate your help.




Have a read on this link it may help you !

Dear Controlsguy25!

Thanks for the info.

But it doesn't help me because what I need is to index a value with a DB array!

I saw this video from a programmer but it uses Tia Portal and CPU 1500 series.
I'm using simatic Manager with 317 series CPU.

I need to copy the value contained in the Array position DB