siemens s5 115f error


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dear sir
I use SIEMENS plc 115f, sometimes plc gose to stop mode then stop led begin to flicker (lessr stop) both subunit a & b and I can not communicate with plc because PG CAN NOT go to the on line mode and appear WRONG MODE AT PLC message. in the other word I can not find error via ISTACK or COM115F in PG sometimes red led goes to flash state and I can communicate with plc but DB2 & DB3 (ERROR DB ) are empty means fill by zero

1-what does mean lessr stop
2- how do I DIAGNOSTIC and solve error

please advise me
best regards
Mr. Nasiri
What's difference between 115E sries and 115F series. If you tell me I will pleased and maybe I can help you. because I worked with 115E.