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How do you efficiently collect data from a S5 115U Siemens PLC when your company standard is Rockwell RSSQL logging data from various factory AB PLC’s to a Microsoft SQL database?

Need help on a machine that uses a S5 115U Siemens PLC.

Currently, Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC's are connected to a ControlLogix5000 PLC by a DH+ connection. From there, an Ethernet drop connects the ControlLogix5000 to the company network. Rockwell Software is then used on a server to collect the logged data to a Microsoft SQL Database.

How difficult would it be to use the Siemens programming port to send data to a Allen-Bradley SLC500 5/04?
There are a several options here but all involve working with your distributor, so I suggest you first contact your Rockwell distributor. Rockwell does offer drivers for their software products to talk to most major PLCs out there. You may be able to talk directly to the S5 from your server. Or you can get a bridge card for your ControlLogix chassis that can talk to your S5 from AB's encompass partners, but again get with your distributor about those products. If you are unfortunate enough that your distributor happens to be primarily a conduit and wire house that lacks the technical expertise then go directly to your AB regional office, this is a common issue and they have dealt with it many times before.
Just get an OPC server that supports Siemens such as KepserverEX from Kepware.

I know you said that RSSQL is the company standard but why do things the hard way? For SQL logging applications you should do a free download of FactorySQL. It bundles KepwareEX and you can log thousands of datapoints points from any type of PLC with drag and drop ease in minutes.

Ivan Brooking

The simplest solution is to purchase a serial comms card for the 115U and a serial comms card for the AB/Rockwell as communicate using ASCII. Distances can be overcome by using fibre converters (generally convert RS 232 to RS 485 over Fibre). This will be a cheap, easy and quick option.