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Mark Hutton


We have a 'challange' that we are finding quite confusing, and I wondered if any one on the list had any ideas as Siemens support have been their usual helpful selves.

We have an S5 system with among other things an analog card (460-4UA13) and a Profibus DP card IM 308-C.

The first problem is, that try as we might we cannot get the Analog card to read any inputs. We have tried various means to get a signal in to no avail. And before any one asks YES, the card does have the signal conditioner modules fitted.

Neither my colleague nor I, who are involved in this, are Siemens novices, but this has us stumped for the moment. It's probably something extremely silly, but I would be grateful for any ideas.

The second problem, er, challenge we have involves the Profibus. The network connects to DP/PA couplers and we can get an orange light on the one with a configured device. The orange light on the PA module flashes briefly about once a second (only on the module with the device fitted). However no signal is making it to the PLC.

Additionally, does anyone know how to add a TZID-F Valve positioner to the DP/PA Link Coupler configuration in COMProfibus. We have the GSD, it shows up under the 'OTHER' category but (I believe) we need to add it to the DP/PA Config. where it is conspicuous by its absence.

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Lothar Kontowski

For getting no Signal of the AI there can be various reasons.

One could be - this card should have a select Input. If it is not disabled and you don´t have 24V+ on these plugs, you cannot get any Signals from the card. The function is when you disconnect the front connector, you can place and remove the card without switching the PLC off. You can disable this function with removing a jumper on the top of the card.

Have you tried the AI without the IM? Maybe there is a wrong parameter on one of the cards. It seems strange to me that both cards are not working.

Are the cards placed in the correct plugs, i think it depends on the CPU and the Rack you are using.

Just some ideas i had when reading your posting. If you find the solution, it would be nice if you tell it.

Good luck,

Did you set the enable bit?


Willy Smith
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FYI, I don't know if there is an enable bit, and I've never seen a S5-135U in my life---I'm just using my shotgun.

D.C. Pittendrigh

Hi Mark and Others

Welcome to the curious world of Simatic.

I remember a problem with 135U analog modules plugged into the central rack when there is no 304/314 interface. I am presuming you have all your I/O on the Profibus and so may have this problem. It has been a long time, but there was a simatic update to this effect, and I cannot remember what the solution was, but if you let me know more about the hardware, I could perhaps try and dig, as I do still have Updates going back to the mid 80's.

Sorry can't help on the PA, I have never dealt with it.


Helmut Meissner

Hello Mark,

I was using the 135U years ago, now just using the 115U, but test the following:
for the 460-4UA13:
- Power connection at the front connect
- adress decoding sceme (place in the rack or by IMxxx adressing)
(other card on the same adress ?)
- auto-running or single shot (in program and card must be the same)
- if the card is running you can hear the clicks of the multiplexer (with the old model)
- I do not know exactly if there is the possibilitie for configuration in the DB1
- do you have the possibility to replace the card by an other ? (we had the same problem, the card was new by siemens and it was broken)

IM 308-C:
- blinking: wrong connection to the profibus (change the wires)
- initialisation in OB 21 or OB22 ? Error-Code of the FB ?
- how did you make the configuration ? DP-Master ?

Many greeting from germany, if I can help you more try to reach me at:

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Helmut Meissner
Software Engineer

D.C. Pittendrigh

Hi Mark and others

Helmut has put his finger on the problem, as you have informed us that you are not a novice, I will not waste your time with the connections on the front connector addressing and other trivia, but one thing which is definitely a problem, is DB1, the 135 uses DB1 to store the status of the hardware on the system, If you erase the entire PLC and start up with your programmer telling it to do a COLD restart, (this is with the new card plugged in and powered up), then the PLC will create a new DB1, I am a little rusty on 135's
haven't worked on one for a while, it may be DB0 not DB1, but anyway, having cold started the PLC with no software in a new DB whatever will be created, and your card should then work, be
careful when you load the software over to not overwrite the new DB and your problems should be solved.

Donald Pittendrigh