Siemens S5 Program Upload


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Cliff Coffey

Hi all,

I've connected to a Siemens S5 95U PLC for the first time. I'm quite familiar with various PLCs but have never used Step 5 before. I want to back up all of the program thats on the PLC. Using the software menus, I have only been able to transfer Blocks (not too familiar with this system either). Is there a way to just upload everything to my laptop?

Much Appreciated.
You need to upload program twice: before "cold start" and after. This is needed due to the fact, that working program (possibly, corrected!) is always in RAM, nevertheless of RAM or EPROM module or (nothing???), living in memory slot. If program was corrected, you should observe difference between RAM (before cold restart) and EPROM (after cold restart) versions.

Mike Virgiliev