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James Martin

I need a Siemens S5 programming unit that will program the 100U,101U,115U siemens PLC's.
Does anyone know where i can get one?

Zan Von Flue

For the S5 Series programming family (95,100..135) I personally use:
IBH softec GMbh
turmstraße 77
64743 Beerfelden
The price is (i believe) less then $400, however in Germany. The programming language is either in German or English (or italian...). Make sure that the package is complete (security switch, etc)! The programming envelope is better then the Siemens original. Works under Win 3.11 (means Linux or OS/2). The S7 part is sh.. but for S5 is good.
try e-mail: [email protected]
for the first contact.
(long live S5)

Christian Schuetz

A) 3 software tools -
B) serial RS485 interface -
A.1) WINSPS demo by MHJ go for "Downloadbereich" and select WinSPSV1.70f (2.4MB)
A.2) S5 / S7 for Windows demo by IBH
since their own download zone does not work
( nor )
try some other links: go for
select s5s7demo.exe and upd411de.exe and upd411de.txt or go for bottom and link to tommytulpe, there switch to english and click on s5 for windows. fill out TTIs request form for an english version - or check
A.3) PG95schulung.exe by
B) connect PCs serial com-port to S5-PLCs
by any RS232 to RS485 converter that does NOT!
drain the loop current from the PLCs-port
B.1) as far as I remember, there should be a PLCs
connector pinout in the CPU-103 manuals , check it first !!! and then compare to the following
B.2) see schematic circuit diagram with select english go for accessories "current loop converter" and enlarge for printout
B.3) go for "constant current adapter" and enlarge for printout
B.4) maybe also helps, see
if it wont work, place another message here
good luck, Christian

How about "Step 5" software from Siemens...which runs on any PC. Special Siemens programming terminals are quite expensive...likely Step 5 would be all you would need.


Joseph Luft, FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc.


FasTrak SoftWorks produces PLC WorkShop for Siemens S5 Family. This is Windows software for programming and documenting the Siemens S5 Family processors. You can download a demo from

Communications kits are available which include a cable and a powered RS232 to RS422 converter. We also highly recommend the powered converter over the passive converter. The passive converters do not draw enough power from the computer's serial port in order to be reliable.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks. Joe

Joseph Luft, FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc.
6659 W Mill Road, Milwaukee WI 53218

[email protected]

Trans Tech international

I can supply you s5 for windows, a programming system for the full range of S5 PLC's. You can download a demo version of the S5 for Windows from our web site,

Best regards


I think the best way to solve your problem is to own a step5 v7.x (windows verson) and a pc/tty cable(connect a pc to all s5 cpu).
I can offer you a set of it.(step5 v7.x and a pc/tty cable).
contact with me.


John Blankfort

I may have what you need. It's a Simatic PG 605 U programing unit. Looks to be in like new condition and I also have a manual for a S5
programable controller. Email me and I'll send you a pic.

Thank you,
You have something I need, I hope You would send the pic of schematic to my email

thanks a lot of

IBH Softec GmbH

Dear Mr. Zan,
at our homepage you'll find a new demoversion which is compatible with Step7® the version you are using is S5 programming for S7 PLC
Kindest regards
IBH Softec GmbH
Turmstr. 77
64743 Beerfelden
I highly recommend the Fast Trak Softworks package that Joe Luft mentioned. I use it and I believe their software packages are the most intuitive and easy to learn to use on the market. I have their PLC Workshop programs for the S5, TI505, and Modicon series PLC's.

Good software and very well supported.

Mike Lloyd
Duke Energy