Siemens S5/S7 conversion


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Can anybody send me a sample program to show me how to convert the S5 DO Function into S7? For example, in S5..... C DB 10 L FY 238 DO FW 236 T DW 0 Thanks. Steve.

Hakan Ozevin

Dear Steve, There is a manual for S5 to S7 conversion. I think you can download it from Siemens web site, For your example, the solution will be something like: OPN DB 10 L MB 238 T DBB [MB 236] which transfers the value in MB 238 to data byte of DB10 specified in MB 236 (MB is the equivalent of FY). The indirect memory access of S5 with two lines is collected in one command in S7. Please note about the data block format differences between S5 and S7. Best regards, Hakan Ozevin