Siemens S5 to Allen Bradley DF1 Link


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Daniel Snelgar

I am trying to link a Siemens S5-95U to a SCADA system running an AB DF1 Half Duplex protocol. The S5 has a CP-521-S1 communications processor and I also have a PLC 5/20 with a Prosoft Modbus module available to use as a Modbus link if possible. Any help with products or info would be appreciated.
Hi Daniel, First thing I can say is Good Luck ! Now seriously, I used some S5-95U a long time ago before we went to a AB plant so I'm not sure what they can do or "talk", but I doubt very much you will get them to talk AB DF1. Modbus well ? not sure about the Siemens end there either. But I have used "Profibus" Interface modules from SS technologies in our AB's both PLC5's and SLC 500's to talk to Siemens Drives so I would imagine that you could get the S5 to talk Profibus either natively or with a add on card possibly. Maybe you could then exchange data between them that way. The cards are not cheap ! Let me know if you want more details. regards, Neil Firmin Yallourn Energy Pty Ltd. Victoria Australia

Shahid Waqas Chaudhry

Another way that I can think of is to use an OPC server. You can try an OPC bridge to get inputs from both SIEMENS and AB into the same PC/HMI. Some good opc products are of Iconics or Matrikon! Regards, Shahid