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Iain Smith

We are upgrading 10 Siemens S5 PLC's to S7 and have 50 odd I/O Cards, Rather than re-wire we would like to use some kind of adaptor !! Does anyone know of one of these? Do you think there is a market for these? Any help much appreciated.
There are no adapters, not quite sure why you want to do this as by the time you made the adapters, you could wire the connectors.

I'm a Siemens distributor and I've never had a request for these.

Daniel Chartier

Hello, Mr. Smith;
The only way to do what you are suggesting is to keep the IO modules from the S5 and connect them to the S7 PLCs through Profibus (DP master on the S7, IM 318C in the S5 chassis) or remote IO cards (IM 463-2 in the S7 chassis, IM 314 in the S5, replacing the CPU). Of course the IOs are remapped in S7 addresses. In many cases where we have upgraded S5 to S7 we have used such connections to good use very easily.
Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier
If you want to use the S5 cards with the new system S7 you have to have these cards connected to the old S5 CPU and through a Profibus link or MPI communicate with the S7.Now with the S7 CPU as the master you can address the S5 slave and use the I/O,s this might save you some money as you wouldn't be putting in new I/O cards.

Hakan Ozevin

This has been discussed before, but no solution found (An adapter would be fine, IMO). If you want to replace the I/O modules of S5, you have to rewire them.

Gabriele Corrieri

Hello All ...

I never contradict Siemens dealer but ... there is some conditions that you can 'upgrading' I/O
I'm not a Siemens dealer ... I am a customer of siemens ...
If your plant respect the following conditions:

a) the original s5 cpu was s5-115 / 155 (high module / 32 bit)
b) the i/o must mount on a ZG rack
c) the target s7 cpu must be a 400 series cpu
d) you must use the CP463 (6ES7463-2AA00-0AA0) on s7 400 rack, and IM314 (6ES5314-3UA11 / 6ES5314-3UR11) on a ZG rack

For my suggestion isn't reasonable to use this method, because ... old I/O equal to problem, spare parts ... and for a rapid check there is no a money saving ... unless there are a very high number of I/O in a process-plant ... in this case maybe the solution above is reasonable to do ... otherwise ...

Best Regards

Gabriele Corrieri

Eric M. Klintworth

Your quantity of 50 isn't huge, but you ought to be able to get them made for a reasonable price. You could either use a local PC board house, or someone like Weidmuller or Phoenix Contact that already makes adapters for the S5 & S7--it should be easy to explain to them what you want. I think either of them routinely do custom work.

Alternately, since you have 10 different systems, you could build your own temporary adapters, i.e. a receptacle to accept the S7 cable wired to a S5 connector. This way you could connect your panel wiring to the S7 cable (one I/O card at a time) and then plug it in to the existing S5 card. That would let you do the rewiring a little at a time, and you could test it plugged in to the S5 for wiring errors. You would only need enough adaptors to do one of your 10 PLC's. But with what electrician time (and downtime) cost, your original idea is very attractive.

Best of luck,
Eric M. Klintworth
Columbus, Ohio USA
I just had a meeting with a Siemens sales guy and
he mentioned there is a new S7 CPU that will be packaged in the S5 format. You will be able to use your existing S5 I/O (and maybe your program) with this CPU. Supposedly, you will be able to use Step7 for programming.
Hi all,
is there anywhere a german website, where I can find some detailed explanations about that process of connecting the S7 / S5 systems?
Hey we have just upgraded from s5 to s7 by installing Simatic S-400 series S-412 to be precise. In fact an extra space was required to remount the Q cards in the space from rack 0 and replace it with the simatic s7. reconfiguration and synchtn were carried out.