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Stephen Mogford


I would like to be able to import S5 data into windows applications, eg: store data words in excel, "in real time"? Does anyone know of any applications that will do this with the Siemens
S5 PLC's?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Steve Mogford.
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D.C. Pittendrigh

Hi Steve and others

There is a Siemens product called DDE Manager which does this, and as far as I recall, it works with Ethernet or Profibus FMS. Speak to your
local Siemens guy, or drop me a direct E-Mail and I'll look up the part numbers for you.

Donald Pittendrigh
Siemens produce a number of networking products for connection to S5 in its Simatic Net range. Use one of these to get the data from you PLC's then the data can be passed via DDE or OPC into a historian such as Automsofts Rapid Historian. This will allow you to store the collected data at high speed and retrieve it later for analysis and reporting. If you have a SCADA (WinCC,
InTouch, Fix Etc) the setup is much easier as the comms to the PLC will already be in place and it will only be a matter of extracting the data from
the SCADA.