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I need to connect a Siemens s7-216 to a PC where ProTool 5.2SP3 is running. Can I do that with the PPI serial interface ?
Yes, however, you will need ProTool/Pro CS as your configuration software on
your desktop or laptop and you will need ProTool/Pro RT with a tag license
installed on the runtime PC. When you select the S7200 as the controller,
the Network Parameter options that are available are; PPI, MPI, DP,
Standard, Universal. Choose PPI and then set the baud rate.

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Ron Powers
Senior Product Specialist-HMI
Validation Center
Strategic Machinery Division
Siemens Energy & Automation

Hakan Ozevin

As you know ProTool is for configuring The HMI devices by Siemens. However, if you buy/have Protool *Pro* CS and RT software, you can use your PC like an HMI device (like a limited/simple SCADA)and connect it to S7-200 from V5.2. Another possibility is to buy the MicroComputing Software for s7-200 (it's about USD 200)and write your own Scada in Visual Basic/C.

Hakan Ozevin