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Does anyone out there have any info on on programming S7-300 remotely with modems or linking together multiple S7-300 processors on a MPI network? How do you structure messages?

Daniel Chartier

Second, if you want to programm through a modem link, I suggest you buy Siemens Teleservice program and TS adapter. Expensive, but it is the only thingg that works through dial-up with S7-300.

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To reach S7 PLC by modem and program it you could use Siemens product called Teleservice (if I remember well the name). To carry out comms between S7-300 PLCs: give to them different MPI
addresses, connect their MPI ports with the Profibus cable/plugs and look for the GD (Global Data) communication topic in the Step 7 online help - simplest solution if you do not need to send much data. More advanced is usage of the S7 system functions. Look for them in "STEP 7
- System and Standard Functions for S7-300 and S7-400" manual.


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Siemens have a product called Teleservice which uses a modem and Teleservice adapter to connect to PLC's on an MPI network.


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If you want to connect a PC based on Windows to the MPI/Profibus Network you must use the Siemens Communication Processors and the Prodave library. To access remotely with a modem to the MPI/Profibus Network you must use the TSN Adapter. More informations on the Siemens web site.