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Does anyone out there have any info on on programming S7-300 remotely with modems or linking together multiple S7-300 processors on a MPI network? How do you structure messages?

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Second, if you want to programm through a modem link, I suggest you buy Siemens Teleservice program and TS adapter. Expensive, but it is the only thingg that works through dial-up with S7-300.

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To reach S7 PLC by modem and program it you could use Siemens product called Teleservice (if I remember well the name). To carry out comms between S7-300 PLCs: give to them different MPI
addresses, connect their MPI ports with the Profibus cable/plugs and look for the GD (Global Data) communication topic in the Step 7 online help - simplest solution if you do not need to send much data. More advanced is usage of the S7 system functions. Look for them in "STEP 7
- System and Standard Functions for S7-300 and S7-400" manual.


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Siemens have a product called Teleservice which uses a modem and Teleservice adapter to connect to PLC's on an MPI network.


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If you want to connect a PC based on Windows to the MPI/Profibus Network you must use the Siemens Communication Processors and the Prodave library. To access remotely with a modem to the MPI/Profibus Network you must use the TSN Adapter. More informations on the Siemens web site.
Follow this link to Siemens automation support.

You may have to rebuild the URL. There are many ways to setup inter-processor communications. This link is to a manual on Sematic communication: communications&TOPIC=Product Information&searchID=1038653455&smart-id=

I use S7 for interprocess communications but you may find global data will meet your needs.