Siemens S7 and Festo FEC Communication


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I have a Siemens S7 300 PLC with a CP 343-1 IT module for TCP/IP communication. I also have a FESTO FEC Compact PLC. i have to write/read data between the two. I used FETCH/WRITE options on a TCP connection, but it does not work. Does anyone know how to program a Fetch request on the FESTO FST in order to communicate with the native S7 TCP server in S7 300?
If you can program S7 300 PLC with a TCP/IP connection you can use a UDP connection to a FESTO FEC with a port 991. On that port there is a command interpreter (CI), where you can use commands like DR0<cr> (fetch register 0) or MR0=90<cr> (change r0 with a value 90)

Ivan Popov
P.S. More information you can find in fst software about tcp/ip driver.