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I need some guidance on setting up remote Ethernet communications to a Siemens S7/400 PLC. I am using a Hilsher Netlink MPI adapter to put the processor on the plant network. I can ping the Netlink from my desk, so I know it is active. I am not sure of the settings needed in the Step 7 software and the "Set PG/PC Interface" application to allow this to happen. By the way, Siemens is a new language for me, so treat me like I am a second grader.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Marc Sinclair

What are you trying to achieve? You say 'put the processor on the plant network' do you want to remote program the PLC? or are you trying to gather data?

Marc Sinclair
I would like to be able to go online with the processor to monitor and/or program it. I know how to achieve this with Allen-Bradley and RSLinx, but Siemens is new to me.


Daniel Chartier

Hello Doug;

In Siemens' language, what you want to do (remote programming and monitoring of the CPU) is called "routing". Here is an extract of some FAQs on Industrial Ethernet routing that can be found on Siemens' support website:


Do a search on Entry ID:2383206 on the support webpage, or search on "routing Industrial Ethernet" for more articles.

Routing Industrial Ethernet
Software requirements:
Industrial Ethernet connections:

At least STEP 7 V5.0+SP1, however a current version of STEP 7 is recommended.
With CP1612/ CP1512 ,CP1515 and commercially available network cards you need a current release of the SIMATIC NET Softnet IE PG driver (at least Softnet IE PG V3.1).
With CP1613 and CP1413 you need the products SIMATIC NET IE PG 1613 and SIMATIC NET IE PG1413 respectively.

Hardware requirements:
Routing-compatible SIMATIC S7 CP modules(for Industrial Ethernet):

443-1 V1.0 -6GK7 443-1EX01-0XE0
443-1 V1.0 -6GK7 443-1EX02-0XE0
443-1 V1.0 -6GK7 443-1EX10-0XE0
443-1 V1.1 -6GK7 443-1EX11-0XE0
443-1 Advanced-IT V1.0 -6GK7 443-1EX40-0XE0
443-1 ISOV1.01 -6GK7 443-1BX01-0XE0
443-1 Advanced-IT V1.1 -6GK7 443-1GX10-0XE0
443-1 Advanced-IT V1.0 -6GK7 443-1GX11-0XE0

Configuration procedure: (Ref, Entry ID:2383206 in Siemens' support webpage, will show you screen captures of the Step 7 configuration pages)

You must configure all the stations that lie between the Start device and the target device in one STEP 7 project.

1 Insert a station of the type "PG/PC" in your Step 7 project.

2 Configure all the physically available network connections (MPI, PROFIBUS, Industrial Ethernet) in NETPRO or in the HW Config. This also applies for networks that are not directly in the path, but are connected to the route stations. This does not mean that you must use all the interfaces available. You must only configure the communication connections that are also physically available.

3 Open the Properties of the "PG/PC station" by double-clicking the PG/PC object.

4 Switch to the "Interfaces" tab and create a new node ("New" button). From the list that is displayed select the type of your node and acknowledge with "OK".

5 From the next window you select the network that is physically connected to your PG/PC. If you have not yet configured a network, then you must do it now.

The "PG/PC station" must be given the same address as set in the program "Set PG/PC interface" (also applies for CP 1413 and CP 1613).

6 Switch to the "Assignment" tab and assign the Routing entry point to your PG/PC.
First you select the node in the "Configured Interfaces:" pane and then in the second pane you specify the CP or the PC Adapter with the relevant network identification via which you want to go online.

7 Save and compile your network configuration.

8 Transfer your configuration into the CPU.

9 Create an online connection via the offline project.

Note that this operation only looks confusing, it is rather staightforward if you follow the instructions step-by step and have the right conmbination of software and hardware.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier

Marc Sinclair


I would personally use the Ethernet module, that's what it's for. :) What is the Hilscher support like? They supplied the device, so they should know if / how this configuration should work.

The Siemens software I use is the same irrespective of the physical layer, which I choose from the comms module, So I assume... that the protocol is the same, you need to configure the comms. There should be options like Industrial ethernet, Auto. Ethernet and TCP/IP Ethernet over your various hardware (Ethernet Ports, Wireless, etc.) Try each one in turn and look for a response. Once the comms module can 'see' the Netlink, it should be able to connect. You may then need to tweak the timeouts (keep alive packets, etc.).

As I said though, the CP module works out of the box. Cost might be a problem though, I tend to avoid 300/400s but mainly because of the STEP7 token problems. Anyway the S7200 Plus will blow them all way for anything but the biggest projects.

Marc Sinclair

Gerhard Bäurle

The basic Netlink Device you can use for vizualisation or data excange via Visual Basic. For use with STEP 7 an additional driver is mandatory - the plain Siemens Software knows nothing about Netlink devices.

Our product ACCON-NetLink S7 includes such an driver - called ACCON S7 Net:

Please ask [email protected] for more details or an driver upgrade for your Netlink device.

Best regards,

David DeGrace

In your post below, you mention that you avoid S7-300/400 because of the Step7 token problems. What do you mean? I have experienced a lot of problems just running Step7, (300/400) errors, hangs, etc. Is there some issue with Step7?
Hi Gerhard,

I'm a Chinese engineer, now I am using Netlink,and I have developed the Netlink OPCServer, but I still cannot use it in Step7. Of course I can use IBHnet or your driver, but I want to develop it by myself. Can you give me some advice?

By the way, why can't Hilscher provide us Netlink S7 driver free? The purpose we chose Netlink just only for read data from S7 PLC?!

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,
Zhang Peng
peng. zhang @ 163. com