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Itayi Makosa

I am interested in S7 programing and would like any information or sources of information which are precise and to the point.Unfortunately I do not any manual on the subject.


You may want to ask your Siemens distributor for a CD named Step7 Step by Step It explains the basics and usage of Step7, the S7 Project Management and Programming environment


Daniel Chartier

Hello, Itayi;
Sorry, but there is no such thing as "Hassle-free" S7 programming. Especially for a beginner. But you can get manuals either on the Siemens Website ( "": , then Products and Support, Support, search "Step7 Manuals") or installed on your hard disk with Step7 (START, Simatic, Step7 Manuals). One good document to check out is the Getting Started with Step7 programming, which gets you step by step through a standard first-time project (I/O addressing and configuration, PLC programming
languages, elementary functions (FC annd FB, OB), and datablocks...)
Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier
Look for Hans Berger "Programming S7 with STL" or "Programming S7 with LAD". You can find these books at barnes n noble or amazon. Both are well written.

Roger Hill
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Ranjan Acharya

If you are nice to your local S7 rep. they might give you free copies of the programming books mentioned in the last post. We are an integrator, so we did not get a free copy, but our end customer did.