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Edelhard Becker

Hi together,

normally programming PCs for automation tasks, i now have a problem with a Siemens "S7-200": it got damaged in an older machine and we ordered a new one. Now i have to download the program from the old S7 onto our Laptop and upload it onto the new one. The following stuff we have:
- laptop with Linux and, well .. Windows90-something
- a Siemens program for the S5

Is the latter one compatible with the S7 (just for up- and download)? On Siemens' website we haven't found any hints, maybe someone knows a free software tool from a third party?

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Michael Griffin

You need MicroWin (special for the S7-200), Windows 9x or NT (to run the software), and a special cable (it contains an RS-232 to PPI converter). The Step-5 software or S5 cable will not work (not even close). The software and
cable are quite reasonably priced as these things go.

If this is a one time effort and you will not be using the software and cable again in future, then I would suggest that you get someone else who already has this gear to do it for you unless of course you are intent on learning how to do it yourself.::

Michael Griffin
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No ,
For a S7-200 you need an other software program. It si called "V3.1 STEP 7 MicroWIN SP2" because the 200 series is the old Texas instrument serie. So it is not possible to do an upload or download with a s5 program or s7 program


First of all Linux is useless when it comes to Siemens software. You will need a laptop with Windows 98 or better. Second of all the S5 programming package will not work for this application. Since you are using an S7-200,
which is of the micro PLC line, you will need a package called Step7-Micro/Win32 V3.1 or better. This you can obtain from your local Siemens rep. It doesn't require a license so you should be able to get it for free. If you cannot find a local Siemens rep then email me directly and I will find this information for you. You will also need the download cable.

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david mertens

> First of all Linux is useless when it comes to Siemens software.

This is not entirly correct, there is a linux version of PCS7 that's compatible with S7-300 and 400 hardware. (But not for the S7-200 like
you say). It uses OSx as HMI instead of WinCC.

Chris Hopper

you can still do this using dos if you've got a laptop that's running dos. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE STEP7 MICROWIN - you DO need a PPI lead though. email me for more info.

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

You do need a machine with windows 90 something, windows 2000 and something or windows NT something, you can download Microwin from the Siemens Website for free, I am not guessing, I did so myself a month ago, and you do need a PPI cable or a Profibus interface and cable.

No the S5 software cannot download S7 programs.