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Hello Everybody,

I am new here, sorry for any mistake, I have a system that runs on a Siemens safety PLC and has a Kromshroder burner control unit 480 BCU480 that is hard wired to the UV scanner and after i get a contact from the BCU to the safety PLC, the burner uses oxygen and natural gas and maximum power is 3MW.

Would be possible to use the UV scanner direct to the safety PLC and skip the BCU480,

Thanks a lot for the help.

Curt Wuollet

No offense, but someone not very familiar with your system would have to be insane to help you bypass a 3MW burner control system.



Bob Peterson

I think the answer is that what you want to do could probably be done and done in a safe way.

However, I think telling you how to do so in a safe and appropriate way is probably well beyond the scope of an Internet forum like this.

My guess would be that it would involve a lot more than moving a few wires.