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I have made a connection between a station PC SIMATIC NET (5613 with CP A2) and a slave Profibus DP (ET 200M), all of Siemens.
Can make control the CP 5613 A2?

I will be grateful any information. Thanks.

Ronald Nijssen

Yes, the CP5613 A2 can act as a Profibus Master talking with its slave(s).
You will address the IO of the slave from an application that runs the Master.
To configure the CP5613 A2 to understand what slaves are out there and how they are configured, you will have to use COM PROFIBUS.
Then you can do either of two things:
1. Write your own program and if you want to do this I would recommend to use the SIMATIC NET OPC Server, it supports Profibus Master.
2. Buy WinAC, the SoftPLC of Siemens and have it act as Master program, you program WinAC with Step7 just like any S7 PLC.

If you decide to go for "1" then you will need a S7-5613 Driver License as well. This will also allow you to use the OPC Server (is included in the License). More-over, SIMATIC NET installs a very comprehensive ActiveX control on your PC that acts as an OPC client. To embed this is in Visual Basic for example and make it work is < 5 mins work.

Hope this helps, creating a case at Siemens tech suport may be a good idea if you need more directions.


Shahid Waqas

The CP5412 A2 is a Profibus Master.

SIMATIC NET comes with free OPC servers and ActiveX controls. You can write your own application, using VB (for example). Another way is to use an commercially available HMI tool (such as Siemens Protool, Intouch, Iconics etc).

Siemens also makes a soft PLC, called WinAC. With this soft PLC, you PC would work as a logic controller. This is by far the easiest method of doing things.

Best Regards,
Shahid Waqas
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