Siemens Simatic partner benefits?


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I heard Siemens has no exlusive automation equipment distributors so I wonder what would be the benefits of becoming a Siemens Partner for Simatic -would it lower the prices a lot and what is the sacrifice?


Donald Pittendrigh

Siemens AG does have a Partner program and in my country it has a VAR program as well, there are tangible benefits to being on the program, the Siemens partner program is detailed on their web site. You had best contact your local representative to determine the appropriate deal for your area.

Regards D Pittendrigh
Hi Tom,
Personally I find being a Siemens partner very beneficial. Not so much because of the discount but the relationship with product managers.
There is usually a good draw down in information, and a person who is willing to do some searching around for information for you. I don't believe, however, that there is much benifit in being exclusively Siemens. There is enough people like that out there.
I don't know if this is of much use to you but I have never had any doubts about the relationship.
Good luck,