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I have a copy of Siemens Step5 software version 6.3 which suppose to run on DOS operating notebook. The problem is that recently my old notebook crash and I can't repair it. So I install the software in a new notebook running Win98 OS but the Step5 software come with a error saying that it cause an overflow error. I managed to solve the problem. Now, I can open the software but can't use the instruction like transfer (File-PLC, PLC-File, File-File), Edit Block ( File, in PLC). In fact I only can use the instruction for setting the program file name (Page 1..) and go online (Page 2..). Will it cause by the Win98 OS because everytimes I start the Step5, it call a DOS instruction Append which does not integrate in Win98.

Trevor Ousey

Does 6.3 use a dongle (hardware key), I used to use 6.5 but when I went to
Win95 the software key (authorisation) would get lost. Version 6.6 was the
one to use on Win95.

If yours is the 'hacked' version of 6.3, it has the key de-activated, you
will need to purchase the later version, otherwise you may still be able
to purchase the upgrade. The current version is around 7.x now from
memory, and is quite good to use.

Hakan Ozevin

Some Win98 versions disable the com ports in DOS mode. There is a remedy for this in Siemens web site. The required file is "s5encomm.exe" and it should be installed in your s5 directory. Run it.

If this does not help, try to upgrade your S5 to V7. I am using it and no problem in Win 98.

Good luck

Hakan Ozevin

Piotr Kowalski

As far as I know you need to upgrade your Step5 to version 6.6 or higher
to work under W9x (apropriete patches were available on Siemens web site).
Another way is to go back to DOS.
Piotr Kowalski

Eduard van Niekerk

Hi, I agree with Piotr and I would like to add that the communication problem could be solved by deleting the COM1 in the hardware-management. Then connect the PC-AG cable to the PLC. Restart the PC and the software adds the COM1 port and the connection will work.

Good Luck

Eduard van Niekerk

Gilles Allard

Why don't you install DOS on your portable?
With third-party utilities sur as BootMagic or SystemCommander you can even multi-boot (DOS or Win-du-jour). That's what we do on all our portables (and desktops). Please note you will probably have to reinstall Win98.
PS: I will not change my set of screwdrivers even if fluo colors
are "a la mode"

Tony Sizemore

RE: STEP5 v6.3 Software


STEP5 v6.3 is not compatible with Win98. A minimum of STEP5 v7.02 is required for use on Win98 Operating Systems. You can purchase an upgrade through your local Siemens distributor using one of these Order Numbers (depending on software currently used):

STEP5 v6.3 Mini Upgrade = 6ES5 864-0MA04-0UG6
STEP5 v6.3 Basic Upgrade = 6ES5 894-0MA04-0UG6

Tony Sizemore
Simatic S5 Hotline USA

You could always upgrade to a Windows product for programming the S5 family. FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc produces PLC WorkShop for Siemens S5 which has been certified to run on Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000, Millenium, and XP. You can download a demo from Contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks. Joe

Joseph Luft
FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc.
6659 W Mill Road
Milwaukee WI 53218

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Bart Kumbruck


you must install APPEND.EXE before you run the STEP5 software. APPEND.EXE comes from the old DOS and will not work under WIN98. That's why you first must declaire for APPEND.exe that DOS is running. you do this by opening a COMMAND-window and type:

restart computer

If APPEND asks what the OS-version is, then SETVER will tell DOS 6.22.

To start STEP5 you must run first APPEND within the same BAT-file.

S5.BAT must include:



Bart Kumbruck