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Gastao Rodrigues Paiva

Dear sir
I have in my job an authorized Siemens Step 5 software. But if I change the computer, I need to reinstall the authorization key.

Then I have gotten an old and free version of Step5, version 6.3 (4 diskettes). This version needs DOS-version 3.3 or plus.
I have installed it in my computer with Windows 98 OS, but it does not run. I have contacted the Siemens representative in my city (in Brazil), and they recommended me:
-to include in CONFIG.SYS: device=c:\windows\setver.exe and restart computer
- after the boot, in C:\WINDOWS type the following:
If the answer is OK, them type S5 in the directory C:\STEP5

But it doesn't work.

If I use the DOS prompt (Start-Programs-DOS) I can open the software but I can't use the instruction like Transfer (File-PLC,...), Edit Bloks. In fact, I only can use the Settings for file name (Page1)

If I use the MS-DOS (Restart the computer in DOS mode) I can't open the software and the error message is: Not found the "CP/M file s5kxs01x.cmd" and if I type at DOS prompt Append the error message is: "incorrect DOS version".

Could someone help me?

Sergio Lanzone

You may consider on creating a DOS bootable partition and start S5 and other dos-only programs from there. Of course you should install some kind of boot selector to avoid conflicts between dos and w98. At the end, it would be faster and much more reliable.

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Andrew Hawdon

You require version 7 of step 5 to be able to run under win98. It is not worth trying a work round as you will have onging problems and it is debatable if it will ever work reliably.


any New version V7...+, has a key on the disk, also a 14 day trial version, just borrow the keydisk with a valid trial version, install it, and make a batch file, In the batch file, you must program: set date (the day that you installed the trial key), then the right name fore executing Siemens S5, and last set date (actual date).
What happens is that every time you startup S5, the date is the first date so the internal counter does not count down. It works, i work at home with this system for 2years!!.

Hi. I'm Yasin from Turkey.
I had same problems as you. The real problem is with append.exe. Append.exe does not run on win98.
At the end I formatted my pc with ms-dos 6.22 (fat 16) first install dos6.22 and then installed win 95.
You can try win 98 too.But I think it's better to use win95.
Good luck.
get version 7.17 downloadable from siemens web site. install on win98 computer.

make a drive image of computer with key on it.
remove authorisation to floppy disk. then restore drive image. then you have original machine with authorisation, and key disk = 1
This is demo ver. It can only program 3 element per line. How can you make it work for full function?
Hi, I have a similar problem trying to get S5 6.3 running. I have created a separte partition and installed MS-Dos_6.22. When I type s56
at the prompt it does the append function and sets to -q but when it runs S5KXS01X.COM I get a divide over flow. If anybody has had this problem please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.
I solved the original problem!
I tested it with Win98SE, and Step5 ver.6.2.
1. You must to copy the old dos software append.exe to Windows directory
2. You must to type to a command prompt:
"setver append.exe x.yz"
x.yz is the version of your append.exe(recommended version is 6.22)
3. You must to make a bat file, like this:
"append c:\step5;
4. Restart your computer
5. Enjoy your new possibilities:)

Üdvözlettel/Best Regards:
from Hungary:)
Sorry, I'm forget it, for the zeroth step:)
"to include in CONFIG.SYS: device=c:\windows\setver.exe"
After this step, must to restart Windows!
Could you send me the old and free version of Step5, version 6.3 (4 diskettes)? My E-mail is Tino.Puggel(AT)

Thanks a lot
I have created partition with Partition Magic (trial version in free) 50Mb with fat16 it is very simple and takes few minutes, without any operation system on it or boot . Normaly all Windows98 and some Windows95 have fat32. You have to put s5 software to this partition. There are no boot files on this partition so you can see all both partition together.
Dear Sir,
I am automation engineer from Latvia. My name is Karlis, e-mail: [email protected]

I have problem with SIEMENS S5 series PLC - 115U CPU 943. Backup battery was bad and something happened with the program. I need software to write program into PLC. Could you send me some software to do it? PC-AG cable (734-1) I can buy from SIEMENS. Maybe you have some download links for STEP 5 or something like that? Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

I was trying to run STEP 5 ver 7.0 in windows 98 not working. then i had try to run on windows 95 but its not working. when i run step 5.exe it was come back on step5 home directory. pls advice

i have added in config.sys