Siemens Step7 5.3 install on XP home


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Is there a way of installing Step 7 5.3 on Windows XP home? It stops during install and says must be Professional.

From what I have read, this has just been tested on Professional and by looking at the differences from Professional and home, should work ok as previous versions and members have mentioned on this forum.

Does anyone know?

or is there a way to make the install think the OS is Professional rather than Home?

Thanks for any help

Michael Griffin

I can't comment on Step 7 other than that I believe one of the requirements for it is MS-WIndows XP "Pro", and not "Home". This is not unusual; there is a lot of other software which only runs on a specific version of MS-Windows.

The incompatibility between MS-Windows XP "Pro" and "Home" is deliberate. If businesses could run the software they need on the "Home" version, they wouldn't spend the extra money on the "Pro" version.

I believe that with MS-Windows XP, Microsoft actually put a few different libraries in the "Pro" versus the "Home" versions. With older versions of MS-Windows they used to just turn off the extra features with some magic entries in the MS-Windows "registry". However they got tired of people turning the features back on and upgrading "home" to "pro", or "desktop" to
"server". I believe that if you want to run Step-7 on that computer, you'll have to buy the "Pro" version to get the missing components.