Siemens Teleperm ME (AS220EA)


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Currently I'm trying to interface Siemens Teleperm ME with our system, running on Wonderware. We would like to tap the data from the system bus CS275 via Siemens interface cards, N-PCI. And we need to connect our PC to the DCS via the bus adapter N8. Unfortunately, there is no extra bus adapter available.

Can I add an extra bus adapter? or can I share the exsting bus adapter which is used for IS and OS? I am not sure what method is the best. Please comment

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Erwin Rombaut

Dear Sir,
Do you have already a working solution ? We are Wonderware distributor for the Netherlands (Europe) and just received the same question for connection from one of our customers.

You can not add an extra bus adapter but you can connect up to 9 Devices on one 20 meter local bus. Using the CS-275 bus for more then point to point connections requires a special cable or a multi port signal distributor.

If you need more Information feel free to send me an email

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