Siemens Westinghouse 501d5a turbine stall at 63% load


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Siemens Westinghouse 501d5a turbine gets to 70 megawatts when ramping to base load and stays there for 5 minutes before continuing on to base load. The exhaust temp. is into limit earlier than it should be at 70 megawatts. igv and fuel gas valves seem normal.
"I had the same problem with a 501G on a ramp up a while back. The issue was twofold; the IGV schedule and exhaust manifold cooling. Long story short, I had to add an additional break point. Based on what you have put in your post, I would say that your exhaust cylinder cooling has not shifted from egress to ingress mode (based on exhaust DP) and your schedule is too tight (causing your high temps prior to hitting the DP setpoint). I would add an additional break point in your schedule.