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Steve Lancaster

I have recently discovered that I need this software to do some backups, the laptop that it was on was stolen and i'm now in deep s*** without it.
Feel free to mail it to me, I think I can get away without the key disk, but what the hell, if you've got that as well....
Here's hoping.

Steve Lancaster

Mike Virgiliev


I should have old version of WF470, for PG 685 programmer (pure SIEMENS beast) and PCPM-86 OS.
It probably wil take a lot of time to find them out and test for consistency
If you are really in emergency situation, let me know.

Mike Virgiliev
[email protected]

Steve Lancaster

Thanks for the reply, I have been really busy just recently and have only just come on to look for another problem/solution. I did manage to get hold of it and have converted it to 3.5" disk and kept the copyQM image if anyone else needs it.
Steve Lancaster
I have just seen your comments as I have been searching for info on programming the WF470. I have inherited a project to update a machine using this beast in conjunction with a s135. I fortunately have software for this but searches around siemans sites seem to suggest the 470 has been forgotten about . If I can beg a copy of the software I should be most grateful. I can cope with most operating systems, even the the cpm/86 that seimens seem to love!
Tony sherer
Dear Tony,

I think I am in the same predicament as Steve. I do however have a copy of the software but our beast PG685 has died. We are currently using the new PG740 and we managed to convert the WF470 software by using the pcopy command to convert
it to a DOS version. But, we cant get it to run with the DOS version S5 software. It does not seem to find the WF470.CMD file when you start the S5 software. Can anyone suggest something.

Johan Mocke
Continental Tyres SA
PS: I'm sweating already because our machine needs to start tomorrow and we can't transfer the backup of the WF470 into the CARD. HELP!!!!!!!

Leon Vangorp

WF470 is a piece of very old Siemens Software as you already know.
I have a DOS version available (WF470 Version 5.2 / 1 dated 02.1994 for PG 750).
This software runs only on a SIEMENS PG !
Since Siemens doesn't sell or even support it anymore, they won't shoot me if I send you a copy.
You can contact me at [email protected].

Leon Vangorp
Automation Engineer


Steve Lancaster

I've since managed to get hold of a dos version of the software, if anyone wants a copy, (I hope as the previous reply states "Siemens won't
mind") Mail me at [email protected], (I don't get back here as often as I should)

PS. Not been tested yet and has come from a friend in Germany, so may be in German.