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Martyn Sudworth

Does anyone have experience in using this WF726 position controller card working and changing the recipe blocks "on the fly". It has been
working fine in AUTO mode after loading up the "recipe" - then all 3 controllers follow this recipe slavishly. We want to change one of the recipe blocks without reloading the entire recipe. I can't find anyone in Siemens who know about this card since it is a bit obsolete.

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

The WF726 is not at all obsolete, whoever told you this is showing his own ignorance or expressing fear at the prospect of dealing with your problem.

Siemens has 2 position controller cards (that is proper PID based ones), this is one and the other is IP246. There is also a WF723 which is a 1
channel version of the WF726.

I have worked fairly extensively with all of them, but have avoided using the recipe functions as they are rather complex. There are some possibilities to be considered and step 1 is to determine if the recipes are stored on the card or in the PLC program. In the PLC program they will be in the form of a DB and if stored on the card you will have to edit with the WF726 programming package. If you need the programming package I can help you with part numbers. If you need help to figure the program out I can work for 75USD an hour. One way or the other I suggest you try to get some help locally from a specialist, it is probably not going to be an
easy task.


Frank Furstenburg

To Donald Pittendrigh,

I need to get hold of information regarding the WF726 module. Could you recommend where I can start looking as my search on Siemens's website has yielded very little results. I need info on manuals and software.



Donald Pittendrigh

Hello Frank

Whether I can help you or not will depend largely on where you are!! I believe I still have a comprehensive set of documentation on these cards and if I don't, I have colleagues in Siemens South Africa who have also worked on them and may be able to help. The catch is that there was very little in electronic form on this range of equipment, I don't know if that has changed but I can check it out for you in my office, perhaps tomorrow night (as I am busy on site at present).

I suggest that we take your problem off the list and to that effect I would appreciate it if Jennifer (our list moderator) would be so kind as to forward you my email address.

Donald Pittendrigh