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Can I convert output signal 0-10V from a sensor directly by means of resistors to 0-1v, instead of using signal conditioning devices?
Short answer - Yes.
Just use 2 resistors in series to give the correct voltage.
You might want to add a trimpot for fine adjustment.

It's been too many years since electronics class, but, if I recall correctly depending on the current output capability of the 0-10 VDC source, and the availability of resistors (they don't always come in convenient values!) you could use something like a 900 ohm resistor in series with a 100 ohm resistor (for a total circuit current draw of (10V/1000 ohms = 0.010 mA).

As Roy Matson suggested, you could use a trimpot for "correcting" the signal. Or, just use two pots in series, set one for 900 ohms and the other for 100 ohms. No need to worry about resistor values and tolerances.