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Steven Landau

Can someone recommend a solution for Silane Gas Detection

Since Silane Burns Immediately in contact with air, will the gas ever be detected?

My client recommends using an I/R Flame Detector. Can someone recommend a source?

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M. Rowe Custom Tech

There is a company that produces nothing but semiconductor and corosive gas

ZELLWEGER, They used to be called MDA scientific in the states.

They have an office in Lincolnshire, Ill

They make great equipment

Marshall R. Rowe
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Chuck Griffin

For trace silane in air, ie. a detector application, we use Draeger's Polytron 2 with a Hydride Detector Cell (P/N 68 09 635).
The LEL or auto-ignition concentration in air for pure silane is around 1.4%.
If you want to check for silane in an oxygen free background gas like Ar or H2, consider a system based on IR adsorption measurement. We are measuring % silane levels with a NDIR analyzer and are currently looking for an upgrade. Right now my favorite is the MSA Chemgard with a 316SS sample system and their Photoacoustic Infrared technology.