simatic 115f error


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dear sirs
I use SIEMENS plc 115f , sometimes plc goes to stop mode then stop led being to flash and (lesser stop) both subunit a & b and I can not communicate with plc because PG CAN NOT go to the on line mode and appear WRONG MODE AT PLC message.
in the other word I can not find error via ISTACK or COM115F in PG
1-what does lesser stop mean
2- what does I DIAGNOSTIC and solve error
please advise me

best regards
I may be able to help you if you can provide me with some information.

Does any of the fault indication LED's blink?
Have you tried to edit the software while the stop LED was blinking. Because this is the reason why you get the message "Wrong mode at PLC".

give me this information and I may be able to advice you further.