Simatic NET with Schneider Quantum PLC


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Túlio Araújo


I'm having some problems trying to configure Simatic NET. The problem is that I have a CP 5611 on a PC877 HMI, connected to a Schneider Quantum PLC, and the 5611 must be Slave while the Profibus DP Card (PTQ) on the Schneider PLC must be Master.

I've created a SIMATIC PC Station with an OPC Server and the two Profibus cards in Simatic NCM Manager (the Profibus DP networks are different from each other). But I don't know how to add the Schneider PLC as master on the Profibus (1) network, and if I try to compile without it, and configure the CP5611 as slave, it gives an error, because the CP isn't couped to a master system.

How should I configure Simatic NET?

Thank You for your help.

Túlio Oliveira Araújo.
Accenture Automation and Industrial Solutions.