Simatic S5-115U with Panel - the Same Data After Reboot


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I work in maintenance. A lot of injections machines. More than ten, have S5 control. But only one machine has problem with parameters, which I can change on the panel.

Its connection between S5 944B PLC and Siemens panel (dedicated for injection machines, with keyboard, buttons for moves, VGA output etc.) When machine is starting, PLC connects with the panel - I can change something on the panel - for example temperature of the heatings, pressures, times...

But after switch off and next switch on the machine - parameters on the panel are still the same. From DB block from PLC, I suppose.

Do you know, which block in S5 can be wrong? Tomorrow I will go to the machine and I will try to compare software two similar machines (blocks in PLC). But I think that in one machine, after reboot PLC read data from "frozen" parameter list.

In "good" machine PLC read data from block, which "lives". When I change some parameter - after reboot - it's changed.
Maybe somebody has a suggest for me? What I have to do?

Regards from Poland!