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Krzysztof Golanski

Dear Sirs,
We have the problem concerning our production line with SIMATIC S5-135U control. I looking for simple and cheap monitoring on-line method of this PLC. Thank you for any advices.
Krzysztof Golanski, Poland
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To monitor the pPLC in "real-time" you will require the Step 5 PLC Programming package.

This can be very expensive from Siemens but there are other companies that make software to program the S5 range of PLC's.

When you have the software you will also need a connection lead/adaptor to connect from your computer to the AG interface on the PLC.

This adaptor changes the PC RS232 interface into the TTY "signals" that the PLC uses.
Try the following site for more information... "":
Czesc Krzystof!

Perhaps you should write to Siemens and ask about an HMI or MMI (Scada S/W package) that can interface with the S5.

Stacy Marie

Zan Von Flue

For Diagonstic online then IBH ( "": ), is also very good for programming or
If it's only DB information you want then I would go OPC/DDE. Which means either the CP1430 TCP or TF. Alot of companies work with MAC or H1, which means CP-1430TF. In both cases you need the COM software for that card. Look in Catalog ST-50 for information or online


It's also possible through a serial connection but I feel is not very good. However, OPC/DDE depends on the HMI or SCADA side (PC). As you can see getting the information out of the PLC is easy, but what then?

Michael Griffin

I believe you are asking how to display alarms and status information about your machine? That is, you want a simple and (relatively) inexpensive display which will mount at the machine and messages to help the operators diagnose problems and perform other related functions.
If this is the case, then Siemens has a series of products called the "Simatic OP". The price is reasonable, and they are easy to
connect to the PLC. I suggest you talk to your local Siemens rep as to what model might be appropriate for your application.