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In the plant we r using Simatic S5 115U. We r to debug the programme. The programme is written in STL. Now I want to hv a complete list of STL commands used in S5. Can I hv eg of the commands also if possible in Ladder logic? pl. help me out in debugging the programme.

You can download the ebook 1085937 "S5-115U Programmable Controller" from or search for 115U handbooks, or you can download the ebook 1085938 "S5-115U Programmable Controller CPU 941/942/943/944 Reference Guide" where are all the commands are listed with there times for the different CPUs.

When you want to look for more detailed information then the handbooks from "Hans Berger" are very good, this are not for free but when you realy want to know whats happening then this book is very good.

ISBN 3-8009-1526-X is a very old german handbook from Hans Berger but you may find newer and english ones in a bookstore on internet.

For example on, Hans are mentioned several books.

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Programs written in STL may not be displayed in LAD if it includes commands other than A, O, S, R, =. Also it is not possible to display an FB program in LAD.