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Hello, I am not educated in CNC. I am going to buy a CNC tube bender with a Simatik S5 from 1992.
Is there a easy way to connect the S5 to a normal PC, for programing, storing data.... Sorry, as I said, just beginner.
A better choice of programming software for
siemens is produced by Trans-Tech International
and can be purchased with training from CCA 800-241-8775 contact is CHRIS tell him Don Selby referred you

Joseph Luft, FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc.

FasTrak SoftWorks (414-358-8088) offers both DOS and Windows versions of PLC programming software for the Siemens S5 family. Demos are available at Call for more details.

Tsehaye Gebremeskel

In addition to the software and sources indicated by others here, You will need a cable. The PLC has a current loop communication port and your PC is an RS232 port. This cable from Siemens use to be about 100USD. Your advantage of over a cable you can make is that the Siemens cable is powered from the port and is neet and well built, no battery or adapter to lug around.

Tony Sizemore

ANSWER: I cannot speak for third party software packages, but STEP5 software written by Siemens will execute under any Operating System from DOS v5.0 to Win2000. Specifically, what Simatic S5 PLC are you using? Cable configurations (PC to PLC) vary depending on the S5 PLC being used. I can provide all necessary part numbers & contact information for your local Siemens distributor. STEP5 software is fully supported by the Siemens Simatic S5 PLC Hotline - the same company that built the S5 PLC. Tony Sizemore Solutions Support Center Industrial Solutions & Software Division SIEMENS Energy & Automation, Inc. PO Box 1255 MS532, Johnson City, TN 37605 Phone: (423)461-2414 Fax: (423)461-2289 [email protected]