SIMATIC S7 PLC data transfer

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Shahid Waqas Chaudhry

Dear List, I have the following configuration: [HMI Client] [HMI Client] // WinCC = RT128 | | [HMI-Server]-------------+---------------------+ // TCP/IP = Network + WinCC RT1024 + WinCC/Server + CP 5613 (in PC) | +--------------------+----------------------+ // Profibus = Network(A) | | {PLC1} {PLC2} // CPU: S7 = 318-2DP | | // = Profibus-DP Network(B) | | +--{ET1a} +--{ET2a} // ET200M | | +--{ET1b} +--{ET2b} | | +--{ET1c} +--{ET2c} | | +--{ET1d} +--{ET2d} | +--{ET1e} Both CPUs are master and have different sub net with ET200 stations. The two CPUs cater to different process areas in plant. Some of the process variables are coming from PLC1 and some from PLC2. Quite a few of the interlocks require that I have process values from both PLCs. I want to transfer some data from PLC1 to PLC2 and vice versa. How can I accomplish this using the Profibus Network(A) (ie the one connecting the two PLC and the HMI-Server). The source is 01 Data Block, about 75 - 100 data words. Would I be required to connect the MPI ports of the two PLCs (they are physically quite close - same control room) or can I use the Profibus network (A) for this scheme? Shahid Waqas Chaudhry Email: <[email protected]>

Helmut Meissner

Dear Mister Shahid Waqas Chaudhry, we use in the machines and plants we build a similar communication. For Network(A) we use Profibus FMS with FDL. The PC is the PB-Master with the SCADA-System (TIRS 32). We did not try to do the PLC-PLC-Communication on this Network, because we are afraid, that if the PC is down (it can ever happen, People playing around, MS-Software,...) you will not get a Communication between the PLCs (and the cranes and robots, will not have any information about the others). So we use MPI between the PLC (and the OPs). We wrote a small PC-Application that echos the data to the other PLC. So if MPI is down, the PLCs will receive the data throught the PC. I hope that could help a little bit. Greetings Helmut Meissner
You can use profibus FDL to communicate between the two plc's by utilizing function call 5&6. Hope this helps