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Kiel-1, Larry

Hello list. I was wondering if anyone knows of a company that makes or repairs modules for the TI 435 series. We are trying to replace or repair a Simatic U-01EW series 405 Expansion Unit. Any insight into someone who is in this business would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Larry Kiel Kennedy Space Center 321-867-1415

Piotr Kowalski

Hello, I am using TI435 in my waterplant and I am using modules from PLCDirect. Their DL450 series is fully compatible with TI. To program the TI435 I am using DirectSoft for few years, it also works very well - in my personal opinion it's much more comfortable than original Tisoft. Best Regards |-|/|--| |--| |---------------(S)-| |-| |--|/|--|/|---------------(R)-| | Farm Frites Poland SA | InformatyczneSystemyPrzemyslowe | Piotr Kowalski | tel/fax (059) 8629206/8629165
If you have not been helped yet, you could send it here for a free evaluation. We have serviced many of the TI modules.
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