Simatic TI545 Dial Out Alarm


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Paul Darby

We have set up a few systems with Siemens S7-300 PLC's which dial out alarms in the form of a text message from an RS232 comms card via GSM
Modem to a Mobile phone.
Has anybody done anything like this with a TI545 PLC?

Bryan Kowalchuk

I've never done it, but, these may be things to look into.
1. TI has a basic module that you could likely program to do this. (Note: the basic module is old, and I'm not sure what improvements, if any, have been done.
2. A better choice might be a 505-2573 module. This is a multi-function communications module that, I believe can be programmed for this type of
communications. The siemens website, or tech support would probably be a good place to ask. They may have a sample program as well.

Hope this helps,

Bryan Kowalchuk

Alan Jenkins

CTI has a 2573-TCM2 Serial Interface Module that has a general ASCII support protocol and supports Dial up modem's. It is much easier to implement than a Basic Module. If you want more information on the 2573-TCM2 go to our web site or call.
Alan Jenkins
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-Similiar to this - I am looking for a S7 400 Step 7 sample program /coding & settings etc. for communications between a CP441-2
communications processor and a modem to set up an alarm paging system. I plan to use SFB12 and SFB13, the Siemens System Function Blocks and
Hayes Protocol etc.