Simatic TISOFT vs. SoftShop


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Steven Krommenhoek

The company I work for is thinking about moving
from Tisoft to Softshop for Siemens PLC programming. Does anyone have any experience (Good or Bad) with Softshop?

S. Krommenhoek

Tony R. Gunderman

Early releases of SoftShop were extremely slow with large PLC programs. However, the most recent releases have made tremendous improvements and are quite a bit nicer. Connections over ProfiBus FMS, H1, or TCP/IP instead of serial would probably enhance the performance quite a bit more. We had a few problems in the software, but Siemens and FasTrak were very quick to respond with resolutions. We first started moving from TISOFT to SoftShop to get the support of the additional PID loops in the 555 controllers. The conversion tools worked pretty well. I have used TISOFT for years and am still able to do most things more quickly in that enviroment. However, the latest version of SoftShop supports many of the same "hot keys" of TISOFT, so I am becoming more proficient in it. Tony R. Gunderman Arkansas Eastman Division Eastman Chemical Company

Natanael Gonzalez


can anyone tell me where can i get one of this software, but needs to be the full version. because i want to upload a program that i have in a machine. or if you have the tisoft, i can buy you this software please contact me to my e-mail (nata_g22 [at] I really need this software